Where do I find out information about power/gas outages in my area?

PG&E has an online map showing the location of power outages https://m.pge.com/?WT.pgeac=Home_Outages#outages 

Restoring critical infrastructure is top priority:  Wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plans, convalescent homes, medical services, first responder facilities, and ensuring all roads are clear of  downed wires are our first priorities as we work towards total restoration for all communities impacted by this historic fire. 

PG&E crews have begun entering communities to assess damage and conduct inspections as soon as it is safe to do so and first responders give the okay.  PG&E crews will need to gain access to properties. Every gas meter must be inspected and gas crews must ensure that no gas is flowing on the customer’s property. Turning gas off at every meter is a necessary first step. Following that process, all active gas lines must be cleared of residual gas. Once gas has been cleared and it is safe to do so, gas service will be returned to the lines. After that, Gas Service Representatives will visit customer homes and businesses to restore service and relight pilot lights.

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