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Juilliard Park

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  1. Art
  2. Bocce Court
  3. Garden
  4. Picnic Areas
  5. Playground
  6. Reservable Church of One Tree
  7. Restrooms
  8. Wedding Venue


Park Size

9.1 Acres


Street Parking Only


The Church of One Tree may be reserved. All picnic tables are on a first come, first serve basis.

Adopt a Green Space

If interested, please contact 707-543-3770.

Fun Facts

Juilliard Park is one of Santa Rosa's oldest parks. The park site was once home to the Juilliard Family. A 2-story Victorian house stood near the center of the park on Santa Rosa Avenue, and the rest was orchard. The home was built in 1872 by Charles F. Juilliard, a winemaker.

Frederic Juilliard gave the property to the City in 1931 after he moved to New York. Frederic was the brother of Mrs. Isabella (Mark) McDonald who lived on McDonald Avenue. Frederic's uncle, August Juilliard, established and endowed the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. Another of Frederic's brothers, Louis Juilliard, was a State Senator.

The park was designed by Oakland landscape architect Howard Gilkey, who grew up in Santa Rosa. The park was developed in the depression years as a government project. Its stone bridge, pond and walkway were constructed from rock hauled from the Kenwood quarries.