Specifically, what could a potential renewal measure fund?

If approved by voters, renewed locally controlled public safety funding could be used to:

  • Reduce the risk of wildfires by improving wildfire prevention, preparedness, early fire alert systems, rapid response and evacuation planning
  • Maintain fire protection services and prevent the closure of fire stations
  • Maintain rapid 9-1-1 emergency response
  • Provide resources for youth programs and violence prevention efforts along with grants to community-based organizations
  • Prevent reductions in the number of on-duty firefighters, paramedics and police officers
  • Provide mental health counseling, wrap around services and programs to help at-risk youth and their families

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1. How are public safety services funded in Santa Rosa?
2. What types of public safety services has Measure O supported?
3. How are Measure O funds allocated?
4. Does Measure O establish a minimum allocation of funds for public safety services?
5. Does Measure O funding expire soon?
6. What happens if Measure O funding expires and we lose $10 million per year for public safety and violence prevention programs?
7. What is the city doing to maintain this local public safety funding?
8. Specifically, what could a potential renewal measure fund?
9. How do we know funds from a potential renewal measure would be spent as promised?
10. Could the state take funding away from a potential renewal measure?
11. Would a potential measure ensure that Santa Rosa’s visitors pay their fair share?
12. How much might a potential renewal measure cost?
13. Are there protections for people on fixed or limited incomes?
14. Didn’t Santa Rosa just pass a local sales tax measure?
15. Don’t sales tax measures hurt local business?
16. How would a sales tax affect auto dealerships in Santa Rosa?
17. Isn’t Sonoma County considering a tax measure for fire protection?