What is the 20% reduction target timeline compared to?

Santa Rosa Water is requiring a 20% community-wide water conservation reduction, compared to 2020 water use. This is a community-wide target, and we're asking everyone to do what they can to help. As a City, we will report total City-wide water use to Sonoma Water on a monthly basis, , but Santa Rosa Water is not reviewing individual customer's water use on a monthly basis to confirm compliance. We ask that all customers do their part to save water, to the maximum extent possible at your house or business, and comply with all water use prohibitions and restrictions to help our region save 20%.  

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1. How is the City of Santa Rosa responding to the regional drought emergency?
2. What does a 20% mandatory reduction in water use mean?
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4. How do I request an exemption or variance from a water use prohibition or restriction?
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7. What is the 20% reduction target timeline compared to?
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9. Is the City enforcing any water use prohibitions?
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