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Posted on: June 10, 2020

Update on Current Homeless Services Efforts in Santa Rosa


Update: 6.18.20 - Work Rescheduled to Address Homeless Encampments at Highway 101 Underpasses

Recently, the City of Santa Rosa determined that the severity of conditions created by encampments in specific areas of the community required the activation of the City’s Homeless Encampment Assistance Program (HEAP). Health and safety concerns within these encampments amid the COVID-19 emergency has reached a tipping point and plans were in place to begin removal and clean-up of the encampments located under the Highway 101 overpasses in the Downtown corridor and College Avenue on June 16th after being temporarily delayed by the City’s June 4th declaration of a local State of Emergency, the recent Curfew Order, and demonstrations in the downtown area.

This week, the County of Sonoma notified the City that individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 had recently spent time in these encampment areas. Upon learning of this news – and at the request of the Sonoma County Health Officer – the City is now pausing plans to move forward with cleanup of the encampment to allow for the County to conduct COVID-19 testing of individuals in these areas. The County has assured the City that addressing this public health concern is a top priority and the County will be ramping up testing of individuals in these areas through the weekend and early next week. The County has indicated testing will be complete by Tuesday, June 23rd.

Barring unforeseen developments, the City intends to resume the original cleanup plans for the encampments under the Highway 101 overpasses in the downtown corridor and College Avenue no later than Wednesday morning, June 24th.

Original Message: 5.29.20 - Addressing Homelessness During the Public Health Emergency

During this public health emergency, the City of Santa Rosa has been working on several fronts to assist individuals experiencing homelessness, so as to protect this vulnerable population and the community at large from greater spread of COVID-19.

Those individuals at greatest risk of from COVID-19 — those age 65 and over or with underlying medical conditions — have been moved from shelters and encampments into hotel rooms or referred to the County’s Non-Congregate Shelter at Sonoma State University. For others at less risk from COVID-19, the City-owned Samuel L. Jones Hall Homeless Shelter has been reconfigured to ensure appropriate social-distancing accommodations for its residents. Additional social-distancing opportunities have been offered through the creation of the Safe Social Distancing Program, which has been set up temporarily at the Finley parking lot site. For those individuals who remain in encampments despite these opportunities, the City, in collaboration with the County, has provided access to sanitary facilities, facial masks and medical services, all in an effort to lower the risks of infection.

Actions to Resolve Encampments in Parks and the Public Right of Way

Despite the City’s efforts during this time, encampments in several areas of the City have grown increasingly in size and density. This has been of great concern to the City, and we understand that it is for many members of our community as well. The City has been monitoring these areas closely and working with its contracted outreach provider, Catholic Charities’ Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST) to encourage individuals to relocate to the shelter options available to them, including Samuel L. Jones Hall Homeless Shelter, Safe Social Distancing Program, the Non-Congregate Shelter at SSU, and other sites.

While the City has encouraged individuals to voluntarily relocate to these safer situations, the City has not forcibly moved people, following the guidance of the Federal Centers for Disease Control, which generally advises against dispersing existing encampments to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The extreme conditions at several encampments, however, have now reached a tipping point, raising such serious public health concerns that the City believes that further action has become imperative.

This week, given the severity of the conditions created by encampments, the Santa Rosa Police Department began to take action to address the most serious sites. The first efforts were to address increasing health and safety concerns related to homeless encampments in Doyle Park and along Doyle Park Drive. In the area of Doyle Park, critical health, safety, and environmental issues were identified by the Police Department, Santa Rosa Fire Department, and the City’s Water Department necessitating removal and clean-up of the encampments. This project included vehicle abatement, enforcement of criminal activity including probation and Fish and Game violations, and mitigation of potential fire risks. Conditions in this location had created health and safety risks requiring immediate action. All actions taken by the City were designed to address the immediate public health and safety imperative within the overall context of the City’s ongoing efforts to stop the spread of the virus to every extent possible.

Similar conditions also call for immediate action at encampments located under the Highway 101 overpasses in the Downtown corridor and College Avenue, as well as at Corporate Center Parkway. Efforts to address the encampments in the Highway 101 overpasses will begin next week. Towing unregistered vehicles and addressing unsanitary conditions at Corporate Center Parkway and neighboring streets will follow soon thereafter.

Ensuring Those in Encampments Are Offered Available Services and Shelter 

During all of these encampment resolution efforts, coordination of services and shelter is being offered by the Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST), including services and shelter at Samuel L. Jones Homeless Shelter, access to the Safe Social Distancing Program located in the parking lot at Finley Community Center, Non-Congregate Shelter at SSU, and other sites. Through the provision of shelter and service options, our goal is to ensure that individuals experiencing homelessness have the opportunity to move into safer, more sanitary conditions, to ensure that they have access to needed health and social services, and to minimize the inadvertent relocation of individuals to other areas of the community without protection. As crowded encampments clear, a thorough cleaning will be undertaken at each site to protect the public health of the surrounding neighborhoods. The City’s Public Works Department coordinated the clean-up of Doyle Park and will do so for the other affected areas as well.

The Longer Term Plan

The SSDP at the Finley parking lot, hotel room accommodations, and Non-Congregate Shelter at SSU are all temporary measures aligned with the COVID-19 public health emergency, and City staff are planning for the eventual closure of those options. Longer term solutions must be established, and we are working in partnership with the County to explore and implement those solutions. We will keep the community informed of our efforts moving forward.

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