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  1. Forms & Applications

    We organize all of these documents in one place so you don't have to search the website for what you need.

  2. Permit Santa Rosa

  3. Opening a Restaurant

    While there are many considerations to take into account when opening a restaurant, our guide will focus on helping you navigate the permits, licenses, and fees you will need to take care of before you open.

  4. Planning Assistance

    There's a lot to consider when you're starting a business in Santa Rosa. We're here to equip you with the information and insights to navigate each step of the planning and permitting process.

  5. Starting a Business

    Find our 9 steps to starting a business in Santa Rosa.

  6. The Planning Process

    Every project is different: from the type of business to where it's to be located. Use our map to understand the key points of planning and permitting.