Speed Humps & Speed Tables

Traffic Calming Measures

Speed humps and speed tables are traffic calming measures that are installed on City streets to reduce traffic speeds and reduce cut-through traffic volumes.

In order not to confuse speed bumps used in parking lots with traffic calming devices used in public streets, we use the term "speed humps" or "road undulations."
Speed Hump Sign
  1. Data Collection

    After Traffic Engineering receives a signed request form, we will begin the process of data collection. The data includes a daily volume count collected by use of a mechanical counter.

  2. Installation of Traffic Calming Measures

    The City Council adopted Council Policy 000-14 which sets forth the criteria that are used to determine if road undulations will be recommended for installation.

  3. Road Undulations

    Road undulations are designed to slow traffic down to 25 miles per hour.

  4. Traffic Engineering Review

    The Traffic Engineering Division will review a street for the consideration of speed humps after receiving a request from any citizen.