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***All rebates require a pre-inspection before any work is started. Call 707-543-3985 for more information.

NEW – increased rebate for Cash for Grass program! See below for more information.

  1. Single-Family Residential
  2. Multi-Family Residential
  3. Commercial

WaterSmart Check-Up

Ever wondered how efficient your property is? Having issues trying to reduce your use? Click on the video below to have our staff walk you through a Do-It-Yourself WaterSmart Home Checkup. The video will show you how to check your indoor water using appliances, measure the flow rates of all showerheads and faucets, check toilet flush volumes, and check for possible leaks. Free showerheads and faucet aerators are provided upon completion of your WaterSmart Survey.

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Do-It-Yourself WaterSmart Home Checkup Video:
Do-It-Yourself WaterSmart Home Checkup Video

NEW! Cash for Grass

Low water landscapes can be vibrant, beautiful gardens!  We can help offset some of the costs of your new garden with our rebate program, now increased to $0.75/sq ft of lawn removed!

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Irrigation Efficiency (Residential)

Not quite ready to remove your lawn? Is your controller from the 1980s? Have you been thinking of converting your spray system to drip irrigation? You may be eligible for a rebate of some of the cost for the materials you install!

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Clothes Washers (Residential)

Is your clothes washer on its last leg? Consider purchasing a clothes washing machine off the Consortium for Energy Efficiency list, and you may get a one-time credit on your next water bill.

Electronic submissions are accepted. Review the Washer Rebate Application form and submit a scanned copy of your completed form as well as your receipt. We will also accept clear, uploaded photos of your completed form and receipt. You can submit these pictures to

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Rainwater Harvesting

Every time it rains, this naturally softened (and free) water is dumped on your property! Don't let it all flow away! Capture it to use it in your garden when you want to, your plants will thank you. You might even qualify to get money from us to do so, so why not put in a couple of barrels or more!

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Is the water from your clothes washer, shower or bathroom sink really that nasty when it goes down the drain? Not if you are conscious of what goes in to it (cleansers and what it is you are washing). Did you know it is possible to route that water to your landscape to basically re-use the water you have already paid for? And did you know we have a rebate if you install a re-use system?

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Recirculating Hot Water Pump

Do you wake up on those cool mornings to turn on the shower or sink and let the water run for 30-120 seconds, waiting for that cozy warm water to come out of your pipes? Do you watch all that clean (but honestly, I'm not showering in that, it's freezing) water going down the drain? Or maybe you are a bit more conscious about conserving and grab that water in big buckets to take out to your yard, but really, those things get pretty heavy! How about installing a pump that just moves the water in your existing pipes so you never really use (or lose) it?

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Sustained Reduction

Is there a technology or hardware you want to install but we don't have a rebate for it? If it can achieve a sustainable reduction every month in water use and wastewater flow, you may qualify for $200 for every 1,000 gallons reduced!

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Service Split Incentive Rebate

Many properties in Santa Rosa have one water meter that serves both indoor and outdoor water use. Separate your irrigation system from your indoor use by installing a dedicated irrigation meter and receive up to a 100% reimbursement for many of the costs associated such as the Encroachment Permit, Building Permit, Meter and Processing fee, backflow device, and pressure regulating device.

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