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Welcome to WaterSmart Ag. Here you can find current information on the agricultural recycled water program. 

The City of Santa Rosa has distinct fees for Ag Recycled Water Customers, Urban Recycled Water Customers, and Geysers Reuse. The fee for Ag Recycled Water Customers pays for approximately one-half of the electrical cost to deliver water to our customers. The fee does not include labor or infrastructure maintenance. The fee takes into consideration the interruptability of recycled water deliveries, the operational flexibility that the interuptability provides the recycled water system, and the critical role Ag Recycled Water Customers play in beneficially reusing recycled water.

Agricultural Recycled Water Fees

On October 3, 2019, the City of Santa Rosa’s Board of Public Utilities adopted the following fee schedule for Agricultural Recycled Water use: 

  • Year 2020 - $0 acre/ft
  • Year 2021 - $12.50 acre/ft
  • Year 2022 - $25.00 acre/ft
  • Year 2023 - $37.50 acre/ft
  • Year 2024 - $50.00 acre/ft
Current Storage Curve (updated 12/2/20)
Storage Curve_12.2.20

Click here to view enlarged Storage Curve chart (updated 12/2/20)

 Ag Recycled Water Customer User Agreements

Click HERE to find the template Agricultural Recycled Water Customer User Agreement.

WaterSmart Ag Watering Recommendations

The following irrigation recommendations are based on data from our weather station located on the west side of Santa Rosa. Visit the CIMIS website provided by the Department of Water Resources for detailed information.

As you plan for the irrigation season keep in mind that Santa Rosa’s recycled water provides essential nutrients for plants. READ MORE