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Water efficiency is the Santa Rosa way of life!

The WaterSmart Center is your resource for rebate and incentive information, tips and videos about how to save water at your home and business and free landscape watering information. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us today.


It’s A Dry Year, Save Water With Us

This winter we are experiencing a poor start to the rainy season, which follows on the third driest water year (Oct. 2019- Sept. 2020) on record in our region over the last 127 years. The lack of rainfall makes it more critical than ever to maintain WaterSmart habits as part of our daily routine. Winter is a great time check for leaks in your home and irrigation system, swap out that old dishwasher or clothes washer, or maybe even tackle that long-delayed project to implement water-saving measures in your home or backyard. 

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WaterSmart Home Check-Up

A drip of water every second wastes more than 3,000 gallons a year and you pay for every drop! Request your free WaterSmart Home Kit for you to review your own house for water efficiency, and contact us to request a Technician to review your irrigation.


Cash for Grass

Fall and winter are the best times to plant low-water use plants so the rain can help establish them without any supplemental irrigation. If you’re removing your lawn to install a WaterSmart garden, call Santa Rosa Water prior to starting your project to get a rebate of up to $750.


Turn Off Irrigation

You can start saving water today by turning off your irrigation system until next spring. Irrigating in the winter months is not necessary to maintain a healthy landscape. Plus, you have the added benefit of being WaterSmart and saving money. 



WaterSmart Home Check-Up

Ever wondered how efficient your property is? Learn how to check your indoor water using appliances, measure the flow rates of all showerheads and faucets, check toilet flush volumes, and check for possible leaks. Free showerheads and faucet aerators are provided upon completion of your WaterSmart Survey.


Learn How to Program Your Irrigation Controller

An irrigation controller can be intimidating but it’s simply a clock that turns your irrigation system on and off. Let us help create a watering schedule to match weather conditions and your plant's actual water needs.

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Find and Fix Leaks

Many common household leaks are quick to find and easy to fix. Worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and leaking showerheads all are easily correctable and can save you money on your utility bill.

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