Rate Information

Water Billing_ Using Water
The City Council approved a rate structure modification and changes to water, recycled water, and sewer usage and fixed charges on December 1, 2015. The changes took effect on January 1, 2016.

Explanation of Water & Sewer Charges

Water charges are determines by meter size and usage. Sewer charges for most single-family residential customers are determined by an account's "sewer cap". 
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Proposed Service Charge Increases 2021-2025

The Board of Public Utilities and the Santa Rosa City Council to consider adopting a new rate schedule with increases to water, recycled water, and sewer service charges for the next four years. 
Proposed Increase. $2.38 for July 2021 for increased operation and maintenance costs

For the average residential customer with a 5/8 inch meter and using 7,000 gallons during the peak summer months (based on a sewer cap of 4.4 or 4,400 gallons) the total monthly bill would increase by $2.38 in 2021. 


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