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Show opens May 17, 7:30pm

Two young women face off in a courtroom, locked in a battle of wills and theologies. One, radicalized online, is zealously committed to her cause. The other, her prosecutor, lives the faith the other professes to understand. Their edgy exchanges create the escalating tension of a true legal thriller. A brilliant new work by an up-and-coming young female playwright that’s making waves on the national stage. Click here for tickets and more info. 

6th Street Playhouse, 52 West Sixth Street

Pacific World

Exhibit open through June 2

The Pacific Ocean: From ancient voyagers who spread throughout a watery world, to the Spanish treasure ships known as Manila Galleons, to the nineteenth century traders who plied the coast from Sonoma County to Peru, it is a world unto itself. Explore the Great Ocean from a different perspective in Pacific World- a perspective where California is the eastern edge of the Pacific as often as it is the more familiar symbol of the American west. Featuring a collection of sixteenth century Chinese porcelain traded across the ocean, art and objects of Oceania, and artifacts related to the Sonoma Coast, the exhibition traces the influences of the Pacific World on the history of Sonoma County and the North Bay Area. Click here for more information. 

History Museum of Sonoma County, 425 Seventh Street


Exhibit open through July 6

Don Martin’s art is far too unique and varied to be categorized. Living and working in Mexico in the fifties, in Venice, CA, in part of the sixties, and finally on a farm near Santa Cruz for the remainder of his life, the places and times influenced his work, but his styles and choices of media were always personal. Sometimes irreverent and sometimes deeply spiritual, sometimes spontaneous and sometimes painstakingly crafted over long periods of time, he was the opposite of a one trick pony. Also showing work by other masterful artists of the era including Paul Beattie, Karl Benjamin, Dorr Bothwell, Hans Burkhardt, Claire Falkenstein, Robert B. Howard, Ynez Johnston, Karl Kasten, Frank Lobdell, Mary Fuller McChesney, Robert P. McChesney, Nathan Oliveira, Deborah Remington, Louis Siegriest, June Wayne, and others.

Calabi Gallery, 456 Tenth Street

West Side Story

Show opens: June 7, 7:30pm

The story of Romeo and Juliet set loose in epic fashion on the streets of 1950s Manhattan, where two idealistic young lovers are caught between warring street gangs. The legendary score, inspired by jazz, Latin, and classical music, features such treasured songs as “America,” “I Feel Pretty,” and “Tonight.” Click here for more information. 

6th Street Playhouse, 52 West Sixth Street


Talk: June 20, 7pm

Enjoy a thought-bending discussion with a selection of the kinetic artists who have works in the Museum's exhibition, Kinetics: Art in Motion. Moderated by curators Satri Pencak and Debra Lehane, the discussion promises to be lively and creative. The artists who will be joining the discussion are: Laurent Davidson, Mark Galt, Nemo Gould, Therese Lahaie, Sean Paul Lorentz. Click here for more information.

Museum of Sonoma County, 425 Seventh Street


Exhibit open through August 11

Kinetic Art depends on movement for its effect. Motion can be generated through natural sources such as air currents, gravity, and light, or through interventions such as mechanical motors, electrical power, and human contact. The genre of Kinetic Art developed as an international movement in the early 20th Century by artists seeking ways to use real space, time, and movement, explore new technologies, and make social commentary. Kinetics: Art in Motion presents contemporary artists that continue these investigations, and whose works reflect a variety of styles and modes of movement. Click here for more information. 

Art Museum of Sonoma County, 425 Seventh Street

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Room now open at the History Museum East Gallery

In 2018, the city of Santa Rosa celebrates the 150th anniversary of its incorporation, but the story of this place goes back much farther than that. From the settlement of Native people, to the devastation of the 1906 earthquake, to the indispensable advocacy of Santa Rosa’s leaders in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, Santa Rosa has reached many milestones over its history. In this exhibition, we present a selective look at the people, places and events that form Santa Rosa, its past 150 years and more.

History Museum, 425 Seventh Street 



In response to the firestorms that ravaged much of the North Bay region in October 2017, the Museums of Sonoma County have two projects in development under the banner of The Fire Projects: The Fire Wall and The Fire Collection.

The Fire Collection: Preserving our Stories. How to submit: If you have an object, photograph, recording or other documentation that you believe is representative of the fires and would like the Museum to consider for the Fire Collection, please click here for the submission form and guidelines. 

The Fire Wall: Now LIVE. We would like to thank everyone who contributed their personal stories and images for the launch of the Sonoma County Fire Wall. We invite you to visit the Fire Wall and share your own creative response. The Fire Wall is an online searchable display and digital repository of the Sonoma County community's creative reflections and personal stories of the 2017 wildfires and their aftermath. The Fire Wall is designed to be inclusive, broad in scope, and empowering to all who participate and experience it.