Highway 101 Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

Highway 101 Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge - Map

A Proposed Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Across Highway 101 

For many years, the City of Santa Rosa has proposed a bicycle and pedestrian bridge across US Highway 101 in the Santa Rosa Junior College area. The bridge would be an east-west connector over US Highway 101.

In 2007, the City hired a consultant to complete project background research and analysis. The City conducted public meetings & workshops to evaluate the need and identify possible alignments for the bridge.

A final feasibility study was accepted by the City Council in 2010. Please see the links to the Final Feasibility Study below.

The City of Santa Rosa and Caltrans have developed the Project Initial Document (PID) . The PID evaluated design variations and developed project evaluation documentation, which was reviewed and approved by Caltrans on October 2016. Please see the link to the Project Study Report – Project Development Support 2016 below.

This multi-year project will continue to work with Caltrans to develop and complete the Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) phase of work. The PA&ED phase will identify the Caltrans approved alignment through preliminary engineering and meet environmental clearance requirements. Once the PA&ED phase is completed, development of construction plans would ensue.

If you have questions or comments about this project please contact:
Chris Catbagan
Associate Civil Engineer

Project Study Report - Project Development Support