Local Road Maintenance Program

Stony Point Rd cropped and resized

Local Road Maintenance Program and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Measure M provides 20% of its revenues for Local Street Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation funds are used on maintenance activities such as pothole repair, slurry seals, and overlays. 

The Measure M funds ($1,700,000) were used for the reconstruction of Stony Point Road between Sebastopol Road and Hearn Avenue.  The work involves the reconstruction of the failing pavement in the reach of Stony Point Road and will complete the rehabilitation of the road between Highway 12 and Hearn Avenue. The purpose of this project is to ease traffic congestion by widening Stony Point Road to four lanes from Hearn Avenue to Sebastopol Road.  The addition of travel and turn lanes, new sidewalks, curb ramps to current ADA standards, bicycle lanes, bus turn out and updated traffic signal upgrades, including a new traffic signal will increase road safety along this vital north-south corridor.

Measure M funds ($154,736.61) were used for the design phase of Fulton Road reconstruction between Occidental Road and W. Third Street.  This project will reconstruct the roadway and update pedestrian ramps to current ADA standards.

Measure M funds ($95,253.80) were used in the design phase of the 2017 pavement preventive maintenance contract. This project will remove and replace failing asphalt, apply slurry seal, and install new traffic stripes and pavement markings on the following City street sections:

  • Guerneville Road between the City limits & Fulton Road and Fulton Road & Marlow Road (exclusive of Fulton Road intersection);
  • Fulton Road between West College Avenue & Guerneville Road;
  • Sonoma Avenue between Santa Rosa Avenue & E Street;
  • Montecito Blvd. between Middle Rincon Road & Calistoga Road; and
  • Bicentennial Way between Cleveland Avenue & Range Avenue.

Work completed with ITS funding: 

Measure M funds were used to continue maintenance of existing adaptive traffic control signals on College Avenue, Guerneville Road, Stony Point Road, and Mendocino Avenue totaling 46 signals. Santa Rosa Avenue was converted to adaptive traffic control from Maple Avenue to Burt Street.  Marlow Road at Jennings Avenue, which is on an adaptive corridor, was converted to a Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) protected permissive signal in June 2016.