Learn how to obtain some of our commonly requested reports.

Request for Review of Occupancy File

Fill out an Application for Release of Information - Street or Occupancy File (PDF) stating the street address you wish to review, date you will be in to review the file(s), purpose of review, and your phone number so that we can call you when the files are ready for review.

Request for Incident Report

To request an incident report, do the following:
  • Fill out an Application for Release of Incident Report (PDF).
  • Provide Location of Incident, Date and Time (if known) of Occurrence, and Name of Person Involved or Property Owner
  • Indicate whether you have a suit pending against the City of Santa Rosa
  • State your interest in obtaining the report (person involved, property owner, parent/guardian of juvenile party, insurance company, attorney, other - specify)
  • Give name of applicant/agency and address before signing the request. If your signature is not legible, please print your name below your signature.
  • Fax your request to 707-543-3520 or mail it to:

    Santa Rosa Fire Department
    2373 Circadian Way
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407

    Please do not send email requests to individuals.

Please Note

  • Incident report requests can be sent to us by email and the reports can be scanned and emailed by us to the requester.
  • Subpoenaed records require a $15 fee. We do not charge individual parties. There is a delay in releasing the incident report if it is still under investigation.
  • Street files cannot leave the building and there is a charge $4 charge for every 15 minutes of our time for copying and 10 cents a page.

Recovery of Costs for Suppression & Investigation

To recover costs for the suppression and investigation of a fire or hazardous materials incident when the cause is determined to be attributable to negligence or violation of the law. Costs are based on the hourly rate for all personnel, equipment, and materials utilized for the suppression and investigation of the incident. CSR Ordinance No. 25326.