Roseland Fire District

Roseland Fire District Station

Roseland Fire Protection District

The Santa Rosa Fire Department provides fire protection, Paramedic emergency medical service, rescue and hazardous materials response service to the Roseland Fire Protection District. These services have been provided by the Santa Rosa Fire Department to the Fire District since 1983 under a contractual agreement.

Fire Station No. 8 is located on Burbank Avenue in the unincorporated area of Roseland and is the primary fire station which serves the Fire District area. The Fire District owns this fire station, however, the fire apparatus and firefighting force assigned to the station are provided by the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

The Roseland Fire District is governed by a three member Board of Directors which is elected by the voters who reside within the District. On behalf of the District, the Board is responsible to manage the contract with the Santa Rosa Fire Department. The Board meets on the second Monday of every month at 5 p.m. at the Roseland Fire Station, 830 Burbank Avenue.

View the Roseland Fire District Fee Schedule (PDF).