Continuing in the Program

  1. Annual Inspections

    The Housing Authority is required to inspect your unit once a year.

  2. Changes in Income / Family Composition

    You must notify the Housing Authority immediately, in writing, if your income or your family composition changes.

  3. Evictions

    The owner may exercise his right to evict you as long as California law is obeyed.

  4. Informal Hearing Request

    If the Housing Authority sends you a termination notice you have the right to a fair hearing.

  5. Moving & Continuing in the Program

    If you decide to move, Section 8 rental assistance may be transferred to the owner at your new address.

  6. Rent Adjustments

    If the owner wants to increase the total rent charged for the unit, he must submit a 60-day written request to the tenant with a copy to the Housing Authority.