Basic Information

  1. Eligibility

    Renters whose total yearly family income falls below 50% of the income limit as set yearly by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Sonoma County area, are eligible to have their rent subsidized under this program.

  2. Rent Limits & Security Deposits

    Rents are individually negotiated between the owner and the Housing Authority based on the condition and location of the unit, whether any utilities are included in the rent, and the current rent for comparable units in the community.

  3. Finding a Unit

    You are expected to find your own housing.

  4. Home Quality Standards

    The home must be decent, safe and sanitary.

  5. Requesting Approval of Tenancy

    If the owner agrees to lease to you under the program, first fill out the Request for Approval of Tenancy.

  6. Unit Inspection

    The Section 8 housing assistance payment will not be made on your behalf until the unit passes inspection; there are no exceptions.

  7. The Lease

    The lease term is negotiated between you and the property owner or manager.

  8. Housing Assistance Contract

    The Contract that the Housing Authority signs with the owner will be for the same time period as the lease.