Wildland-Urban Interface & Vegetation Management

In 2017, Santa Rosa was significantly impacted by the Central LNU Complex incident which included the Tubbs Fire. The Tubbs Fire consumed 36,897 acres, destroyed 6,957 structures, damaged 486 and resulted in the tragic loss of life. The Santa Rosa Fire Department will continue to assist our residents with planning for, preparing for and helping to prevent wildfires.  We will also remain involved in the recovery and redevelopment phase of neighborhoods and those that fall as within our Wildland Urban interface.

Read "FireSafe Sonoma, READY, SET, GO! Your personal Wildland Fire Action Guide"

Fire Safe Sonoma


Prior to the Lake County fires in the Summer 2015, our Department successfully applied for and received a grant to develop and present information on what can be done to prepare your home from a wildfire. We delivered presentations to our community on how to plan for, prepare for, and prevent wildfires. You can view the "What is Your Greatest Danger" Presentation (PDF).  Following the Tubbs and other recent fires, we will continue to evaluate our information as we move forward in the recovery.

Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area

Homeowners living in the "Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area" can view information about how to protect your property in the event of a wildfire. Learn more by reading "Living With Fire" (PDF), provided by Fire Safe Sonoma.

Additional information on Wildland-Urban Interface Hazard Assessment Methodologies can be found in our Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Hazards Brochure (PDF).

For additional Fire Planning information, visit the Fire Safe Sonoma Website.

Updated Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area

On February 24, 2009, the Santa Rosa City Council approved an amendment to Chapter 47 Section 18-44.4702.1 of the 2007 California Fire Code (CFC), defining a Wildland Urban Interface Fire Area as follows:
"Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area is a geographical area in the City of Santa Rosa at significant risk from wildfires as designated on the map titled Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area, dated January 28, 2009 and retained on file in the City Geographic Information System and in the Office of the City's Fire Marshall. The Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area shall include Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones recommended by the Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection pursuant to Public Resource Code sections 4201 - 4204 and Government Code sections 51175 - 51189."
All new construction within a Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area shall meet construction requirements as set forth in Chapter 7A of the most current adopted California Building Code (CBC).

View the updated Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area Map (PDF).