Housing & Community Services

We strive to build community and improve the quality of life for Santa Rosa residents by administering affordable housing programs, overseeing homeless services, and enforcing building and zoning codes.

  1. NF_HEAP -2

    Update on Efforts to Address Encampment on Old Stony Point Road

    Updated information on a large encampment located on private property on Old Stony Point Road Read on...
  2. Encampment Map

    New Encampment Map Tracks City’s Efforts to Address Homelessness

    The city has launched a new encampment map and locator tool to monitor encampments and track efforts to address them. Read on...
  3. NF_HomelessSolutionsStrategicPlan

    Homelessness Solutions Strategic Plan

    The city is developing a 5-year strategic plan to address homelessness in Santa Rosa. Read on...
  4. What Home Means to Me poster contest entry

    'What Home Means to Me' Poster Contest

    The Santa Rosa Housing Authority invites children who live in affordable housing or who participate in affordable housing programs to join the ‘What Home Means to Me’ poster contest. Read on...
  5. NF_HomelessServices

    City Council Approves Selection of Homeless Shelter Operator and Service Providers

    City Council has selected two charitable organizations to provide homeless services for the city and operate the city's homeless shelter. Read on...
  6. NF_Safe Parking

    City Council Authorizes Operator Contract for Safe Parking Pilot Program

    Catholic Charities to operate new homeless services program opening early 2022, Community meeting to be held Jan. 12, 2022. Read on...
  7. NF_Homekey

    City Council Approves Grant Applications for Project Homekey Funds

    The City will submit two co-applications to California’s Homekey grant program for up to $19 million to build and operate housing for community members experiencing homelessness. Read on...
  8. NF_HomelessFAQs

    FAQs on Homelessness in Santa Rosa

    Learn about the critical concern of homelessness in Santa Rosa and get answers to the some of the most frequently asked questions on this pressing issue. Read on...
  9. Section 8 Waiting List Lottery Opening1

    Waiting List Opening for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

    The Santa Rosa Housing Authority is opening the lottery for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List - Sept. 1 thru Oct. 31, 2021 Additional Info...
  10. NF_ShelterAnnex

    Santa Rosa Homeless Shelter to Reopen for Intakes

    Samuel L. Jones Hall Homeless Shelter will reopen Friday, Aug. 27 with enhanced safety protocols to protect residents and staff and to help prevent future COVID transmission Read on...
  11. Construction of multi-family housing

    $38M in Disaster Relief Funds Approved to Build Affordable Homes

    The Santa Rosa Housing Authority has approved the use of $38.3 million in federal disaster relief funds for the construction of new affordable housing in Santa Rosa. Read on...
  12. City and County Logos

    City, County Reach Agreement with Homeless Advocates on Preliminary Injunction

    Agreement defines under what circumstances SRPD may enforce a violation of camping ordinances on public property and establishes protocols to be followed in connection with such enforcement efforts Read on...

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