Engineering Development Services


We review street and utility improvement plans for compliance with applicable design standards and regulations. Our division also inspects project construction to assure conformance with approved grading, drainage and storm water management plans.
  1. Encroachment Permits

    As provided by State law, the City requires that anyone wishing to create or construct an encroachment in the public right of way obtain permission through an encroachment permit. Learn more about obtaining a permit.

  2. Engineering Notes for Improvement Plans & Maps

    Read notes made available by the Engineering division, including improvement plan and final map notes.

  3. Final Maps & Parcel Maps

    Final Maps and Parcel Maps are what convert a tentative subdivision map or tentative parcel map from a conceptual approval by the City’s Planning Commission into a legal subdivision of land.

  4. Improvement Plans

    Public Improvement Plans show how improvements are to be constructed within City rights-of-way and easements and also include improvements in private property areas. The improvements include, but are not limited to, street improvements, including street lighting and undergrounding of existing or proposed overhead utilities, sanitary sewer, water systems, storm drainage, and grading.

  5. Design & Construction Standards

  6. Capital Projects Engineering

    The Capital Projects Engineering Division is responsible for design and construction of projects to rehabilitate, upgrade and expand the City’s infrastructure.

  7. Traffic Engineering

    The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for establishing and operating a safe and efficient transportation system.

  8. Low Impact Development

  9. Fee Schedule

  10. Engineering Forms & Applications