Investigations Bureau

  1. Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Investigations

    The Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault (DVSA) Team investigates: Child sexual abuse and molestation, Adult felony sexual assaults, and many other crimes.

  2. Forensic Team

    The Forensic Team maintains the Identification Laboratory and perform tasks and duties associated with fingerprint analysis and identification, and assist in processing crime scenes on complex cases.

  3. Gang Crimes Team

    The Santa Rosa Police Department formed a gang investigation unit back in the late 1980s.

  4. Narcotic Investigations Team

    The Narcotic Investigations Team works in an undercover capacity to investigate significant drug trafficking, transporting, manufacturing and sales cases.

  5. Property Crime Investigations Team

    The Property Crime Investigations Team is primarily responsible for investigating theft related crimes.

  6. Violent Crime Investigations Team

    The Violent Crime Investigations Team (VCI) conducts detailed investigations of violent felony offenses in order to identify criminals and bring them to justice for the protection of the community.