Mendocino Avenue Reimagined


Mendocino Avenue Reconfiguration: 4th Street to College Avenue

Project Description

The City of Santa Rosa will apply a slurry seal pavement overlay to Mendocino Avenue between 4th Street and College Avenue in Summer 2023, presenting a unique opportunity to restripe the road to better accommodate people visiting Downtown.

Traffic along this section decreased 60 percent following the reunification of Old Courthouse Square. City staff recommends removing one of the two northbound travel lanes and reallocating that space for another use, such as angled parking or bike lanes.


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A community meeting was held Tuesday, May 17, 2022 to discuss potential pavement striping modifications along Mendocino Avenue between 4th Street and College Avenue. Your input is important in determining the space reallocation for roadway users. Please provide your feedback in the survey links above.

Watch the May 17, 2022 Community Meeting Replay

Presentations to Community Groups

In addition to the Community Meeting, City staff will also present to and seek input from several community stakeholder groups. Please see the Project Timeline below for additional dates and details.

Project Timeline

Project Process Schedule
Phase 1 Community Engagement May 2022
Community Meeting May 17, 2022
Online Survey May 17 - June 30, 2022
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board Presentation May 19, 2022
Develop Recommended Concepts August 2022
Phase 2 Community Engagement September 2022
Finalized Design January 2023
Implementation Summer/Fall 2023

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Bjorn Griepenburg, Active Transportation Planner

(707) 543-3855

*The pavement striping will take place following the slurry seal application treatment in Summer/Fall 2023. A more detailed timeline will be provided when available.