Police Oversight

In November 2021, the Santa Rosa City Council approved the OIR Group LLC as the independent police auditor ("IPA"). OIR Group has more than twenty years of experience in the field of independent oversight of law enforcement and has addressed issues of policing in multiple jurisdictions throughout California and in several other states. OIR Group is led by Michael Gennaco, a former federal prosecutor and nationally recognized expert in police accountability and systemic reform.

In Santa Rosa, OIR Group worked with the city and Police Department in addressing a range of citizen complaints and concerns that arose from the protests in May/June of 2020. In its current role as the city's IPA, OIR Group reports to the City Manager. OIR Group has full access to the Police Department's internal investigations process and tracks allegations of misconduct from the start of a new case to the outcome and resolution phase. It sees unredacted police reports and body-worn camera videos related to each case and has the opportunity to consult with investigators, raise questions, and share its views about appropriate dispositions.

As a further part of its role in Santa Rosa, OIR Group also conducts audits of policies, practices, and records, conducts community outreach, and annually prepares and presents a report to the Public Safety Subcommittee and City Council.

To learn more about OIR: https://www.oirgroup.com

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