Missing Middle Housing

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What is Missing Middle Housing?

The purpose of the Missing Middle Housing Initiative is to amend or create policies, standards and fees to accommodate by-right construction, replacement or conversion of standard single-family homes and remodels to produce missing middle infill housing. The Initiative is intended to increase the production of housing units of varying types and affordability, and in areas currently planned for Medium Density (8-18 units per acre) or Medium Low Density (8-13 units per acre) residential development. Criteria for these new units would include form-based design standards that ensure a scale compatible with single family neighborhoods. The Missing Middle Initiative would be limited to sites generally within a ¼-mile walking distance to transit corridors with a 30-minute headway, a SMART rail station, a transit transfer facility; or to community shopping centers located throughout the City.

The City has selected Opticos Design, Inc. as a consultant to assist City staff in the preparation of a Missing Middle Housing Initiative. The primary objectives to be achieved through the Missing Middle Housing Initiative are: 

  • Produce hundreds of new rental housing units in the low to moderate income range in the City's often owner-occupied, single family residential neighborhoods; 
  • Create a new and diverse market for affordable by design housing types;
  • Add diversity in resident type and income level to standard single-family neighborhoods;
  • Add infill density to low density areas of the City in a design and scale compatible to single family neighborhoods;
  • Increase the types of housing units available to meet demographic and cultural needs;
  • Inform the public about Missing Middle Housing through a comprehensive community involvement strategy.

Anticipated Timeline

May 2021Project Commencement
July 2021Community Engagement Website Launch
Mid-Winter 2022Community Workshop
Fall 2022Public Hearings for Ordinance Adoption
  1. Amy Nicholson

    Senior Planner
    Phone: 707-543-3258