Missing Middle Housing

Graphic of various types of housing with small scale apartments grayed out, as if they were missing

What is Missing Middle Housing?

The purpose of the Missing Middle Housing Initiative is to amend or create policies, standards and fees to accommodate by-right construction, replacement or conversion of standard single-family homes and remodels to produce missing middle infill housing. The Initiative is intended to increase the production of housing units of varying types and affordability, in walkable areas of the City. Criteria for these new units would include form-based design standards that ensure a scale compatible with single family neighborhoods.

The City has selected Opticos Design, Inc. as a consultant to assist City staff in the preparation of a Missing Middle Housing Initiative. 

Project Documents

  • The Missing Middle Housing Existing Conditions and Recommendations report introduces the concept of Missing Middle Housing, provides an analysis of the City's existing rules for the development of housing, and recommends areas within the City for Missing Middle Housing.
  • The Financial Feasibility Findings details the financial feasibility of constructing various Missing Middle Housing types, which was informed by interviews with local multi-family and single-family home developers, and an architect.   
  • The Lot Testing Analysis examines lot sizes within the City in relationship to the existing walkable and transition areas where Missing Middle Housing may be allowed. This analysis informs which Missing Middle Housing types are possible in various locations.  

Informational Videos

Project Timeline

May 2021Project Commencement
April 19, 2022Community Workshop #1 
May 2022Study Sessions with City Review Authorities
Fall 2022Community Workshop #2
Fall 2022Environmental Review
Spring 2023Project Adoption

Note: Dates subject to change

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