1-Day Guest Parking Pass

Residents with a valid Residential Parking Permit may utilize the online Self-Service Permit Center to order a 1-Day (12:00AM-11:59PM) Guest Parking Pass. 1-Day Guest Parking Passes are free to current residential permit holders and are intended to be used when a guest is visiting and it is not possible to transfer the regular residential permit for the guest's use. A 1-Day Guest Parking Pass will exempt a vehicle from the posted time limits.

At this time, 1-Day Guest Parking Passes can be ordered using the online self-service permit center, by phone (707-543-3325), or by emailing SRParking@SRCity.org if you live within the West End, Olive Park, Burbank Gardens, Downtown, Talbot, or Fairground Residential Permit Areas.  Santa Rosa Junior College residential areas can also call or send email requests and will be able to order online beginning January 1, 2022.

Registration and confirmation of an online account is required prior to using the Self-Service Permit Center. This is done by visiting the Self-Service Permit Center website and clicking "Forgot Password?" on the log-in screen. Users will follow the prompts to set up a password and then have access to their online account. Alternatively, you can call 707-543-3325 to speak with Parking staff if you need help setting up an online account.

After successfully registering an online account, residents may access the online portal at any time to order 1-Day Guest Parking Passes for guest vehicles. To order permits, the following information will be requested:

  • License plate state and number of guest vehicle (optional)
  • Make of vehicle (optional)
  • Date of parking session

Passes are effective 12:00AM - 11:59PM.  If a pass is issued for same day use, it will be effective from the time the pass is processed until 11:59PM that day.  Passes ordered for use on a future date are valid starting at midnight on the effective date.

1-Day Guest Parking Passes are free of charge to residents who already have a regular residential parking permit.

Once a 1-Day Guest Parking Pass has been requested online, an email will be sent to the address on file with a PDF document that is to be printed out by the user and displayed on the dashboard of the guest vehicle, visible for Parking Enforcement. If you are requesting several 1-Day Guest Passes in succession, please make sure each pass is printed out and displayed on the guest vehicle for the date it is active.

Residents who plan to host large gatherings or parties may contact the Parking Division at 707-543-3325, no later than 5 business days prior to the event to request an accommodation by Parking Enforcement for their gathering. Requests can also be emailed to SRParking@SRCity.org.  

A maximum of 7 permits may be ordered within a rolling 30 day period, per address. Unused Guest Passes do not roll over to subsequent months. Additional temporary passes for other situations such as contractor parking or temporary operating permits are also available at the Parking Division and do not count against the 1-Day Guest Pass allotment.