Meet Our VISTAs

Community Engagement AmeriCorp VISTA Program

Each year, the City of Santa Rosa partners with St. Mary's College of California and Sonoma State University (SSU) to host an AmeriCorp VISTA member in the Community Engagement Office. The VISTA Member is tasked with SSU student volunteer recruitment and identifying in-service learning opportunities for students available at the City. In addition, the AmeriCorp VISTA also focuses on one engagement project for their service year. In the past, our VISTAs have assisted with community engagement efforts for the Roseland Annexation and Neighborfest Program. 

This year, the City was fortunate enough to host three VISTA Members who will help in the following areas:

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City of Santa Rosa AmeriCorp VISTAs: One-Year Later

Alexandria Anderson - 2nd Year Community Engagement AmeriCorp VISTA

My name is Alexandria Anderson, and I had the privilege of serving as a VISTA member with the Office of Community Engagement for the last year and a half. Being a VISTA member has been a fulfilling experience that I am grateful for. I have learned so much about the Santa Rosa community and how to work closely with community members to bring about changes. As this is my second year as a VISTA, my perspective has changed, and I have taken the time to invest in myself, my community and find fulfillment in the work I am doing and the experiences I have had. READ MORE

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Leah Beaumont - 1st Year Community Engagement AmeriCorp VISTA

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My name is Leah Beaumont, and I have been an AmeriCorps VISTA for the Office of Community Engagement for the past year. Upon becoming a VISTA, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I hoped to learn some things and help some people. I had no idea of the extraordinary learning experience I signed up for. My time as a VISTA has improved my professional development and flexibility. Most importantly, this position has taught me never to stop learning. With my year of service ending, I can say that my hopes for this position have exceeded my expectations. The knowledge and skills gained are incomparable and will assist me not only professionally but personally for the rest of my life. READ MORE

Monse Salas - 1st Year Community Engagement AmeriCorp VISTA

My name is Monse Salas, and I had the opportunity to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA for the Office of Community Engagement for the past year. Serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA brought its own set of unique challenges, but it was a gratifying experience. Learning to deepen the City and Sonoma State’s collaborations with their non-profit community partners while virtually empowering the local community proved challenging but one of the best decisions I have made. READ MORE

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