Project Updates

November 2020: Community Involvement Strategy & Community Advisory Committee

After the Council approved the Community Involvement Strategy on August 18 and then on September 15 authorized the formation of a 25-member Community Advisory Committee, the Project Team announced the selection of 18 CAC members on November 16 at the conclusion of a 6-week recruitment process. The remaining seven CAC members will be appointed by the newly seated City Council after December 8. The first CAC meeting will be scheduled the last week of January or the first week of February.

July 25, 2020: Community Involvement Strategy

The 30+ day public comment period for the Community Involvement Strategy was highlighted by two Community Conversations meetings, including one Spanish only program.  The nearly 60 participants that participated in these meetings and in individual discussion with the Project Team generated over 70 individual comments and questions.  

Next, the City Council will review the Community Involvement Strategy on August 18th.  Live-stream video and telephone links for that meeting will be provided here.  

The Community Involvement Strategy document and summaries and video recordings of the Community Conversation meetings are listed below.

Your comments and questions regarding the Community Involvement Strategy and the General Plan Update are always welcomed.  Email them to the Project Team at

July 2020: Community Involvement Strategy

The Project Team has prepared a draft Community Involvement Strategy (CIS) for public review.  It details all community engagement activities and events that will take place during the course of the project. The CIS bolsters the use of social media platforms, websites, virtual engagement tools, and other online tools as means to engage the public when in-person meetings or public assemblies are not allowed. It also sets forth the role of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and its membership.  

The Community Involvement Strategy and a summary are linked below

The City will be hosting a series of on-line Community Conversations in July 2020 to solicit feedback on the CIS and ideas on how the City can best engage the Santa Rosa Community. 

Please join the online meeting either by the live streaming link below.  You can also use our meeting tool to sign-up and receive online meeting instructions.

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.  Email them to no later than July 29th and they will be presented with the draft CIS to the City Council on August 18th.  The notice of that meeting will be posted on this webpage and emailed to the General Plan Update notification list.

In the meantime, the Project Team is working with the City’s Communications and Intergovernmental Relations Office and Community Engagement Division to develop a website, on-line surveys and other tools to assist in information gathering and targeted outreach that is inclusive of all members of the community.

April 2020: COVID-19 Related Project Changes

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the California and Sonoma County shelter-in-place orders postponed the project’s initial start in February. However, the Project Team continues to work remotely on the project during this time, primarily on community engagement, planning, background research, and development of the project website.

April 16, 2020: Profile and Existing Condition Reports

On April 16, staff convened the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), including City department representatives, using videoconferencing technology. City staff introduced the Project Team to the TAC, provided an overview of the General Plan Update , and asked TAC members to provide existing studies, data and reports. The Project Team will use this information to prepare the City Profile Report and Existing Conditions Report, that is anticipated to be released in Summer 2020.

December 2019: General Plan Consultant Team Selected 

The City of Santa Rosa selected a multi-disciplinary team led by PlaceWorks and MIG, two planning consulting firms based in Berkeley, California, to help prepare the Santa Rosa General Plan Update. The two firms are statewide leaders in General Plan preparation and together build an impressive bench of expertise in North Bay transportation, disaster recovery, environmental justice, and community engagement strategy as well as in areas of land use, economic, engineering, and environment. This dedicated and collaborative team offers the expertise and passion needed to engage and move the entire community forward into the future.

Summer 2019: Community Conversations and Survey 

The Planning and Economic Development conducted an initial round of Community Conversations and Survey to gain ideas and input ahead of the General Plan Update project. The City extends its appreciation and thanks to everyone who attended the one of the eight meetings from May 13, 2019 through June 13, 2019, and who completed the What Matters Most survey. The public input we received supports the need for a comprehensive update of the current 2035 General Plan.

The result of nearly 500 completed What Matters Most surveys is provided below. Respondents expressed their opinion regarding the City’s future by selecting three of eight listed survey topics listed in the survey they consider most significant.  While these results do not reflect the sentiment of the entire community, they do indicate issues that are foremost for Community Conversation participants. 

The following chart and table illustrate that housing development and homelessness is the top issue of concern.  73% of respondents selected it as a top three What Matters Most issue. This sentiment was borne out by public comments made at the Community Conversations meetings.

Environmental Protection and Climate Change, and Neighborhood Character and Community Development both ranked equally high at 49% and 48%, respectively, as a top three concern.

Public Services and Safety trailed a few percentage points behind at 44%.

While these results are a snapshot of the sentiment of the Community Conversation participants, the City will address all the issues listed in the What Matters Most survey equally and fully through the 2050 General Plan project.

Summer 2019: Community Conversations Maps and Presentations

Below are copies of the maps that were available for review at the Community Conversations:

  • Development Map (existing General Plan land use designations, depicting what types of general land uses can be located)
  • Environment Map (existing environmental constraints)
  • Mobility Map (existing and future bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities and routes)
  • Services Map (locations of existing and future shopping centers, emergency services and schools)

Below are copies of the presentation provided at the Community Conversations: