Community Empowerment Projects

Multicultural Roots

Taking Action to Create a More Equitable Santa Rosa 

While conversations remain ongoing between Santa Rosa City Council, staff, and the community, the City of Santa Rosa has begun taking action by planning and implementing changes and new projects based on feedback received during the Community Empowerment Plan listening sessions. These listening sessions, which began two months ago, have centered around public safety, use of force policies implemented by the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD), and relationships between SRPD officers and the community. The following action steps or projects are being led by Community Engagement staff, in collaboration with the various City and community agencies.

Santa Rosa Police Chief’s Community Ambassador Team

More information and details to come.

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The Multicultural Roots Project: Stories from Black, Indigenous, People of Color

The Multicultural Roots Project has two goals:

  1. Create visibility for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in Sonoma County, with a particular focus on Santa Rosa; and
  2. Recognize, through historical stories from BIPOC, contributions and impacts that have shaped Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. 

Working with local historians and community organizers, City staff will gather stories and facts about historical events, BIPOC leaders, and places that have shaped Santa Rosa and Sonoma County into what it is today. Staff will also collect information about current BIPOC community leaders and share their stories. 

The project will launch in October 2020 and will be shared in the City Connections newsletter, social media, website, and other forms of communication. For more information, please contact the Community Engagement Team at 


Other Upcoming Projects

Community Engagement staff are also planning several other longer-term projects, including:

  • Ethnic studies sessions for youth involved in Neighborhood Services programs - in partnership with the City's Neighborhood Services Team;
  • Lowrider Patrol Car - in partnership with the Sonoma County Lowrider Council and the Santa Rosa Police Department; and
  • Civic Engagement 101 video series and toolkit - in partnership with the City’s Community Advisory Board.