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Addressing the Challenges Facing Our Community

The City of Santa Rosa is still recovering from the devastating fires of recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic and related steep downturn in economic activity has only exacerbated the city’s problems. Santa Rosa currently benefits from past voter-approved sales taxes that provide $18 million annually in locally-controlled funding. However, this funding is set to expire soon unless renewed by voters. If the funding expires, the City would lose $18 million in annual local funding in addition to the $30 million in lost revenues anticipated as a result of COVID-19. Cuts of this magnitude would put many city services at risk.

Extending, Not Increasing, The Current Tax Rate to Maintain City Services

Renewing local funding would help the City keep fire stations open and upgrade aging emergency communication systems. With recent fire seasons being the longest and most destructive on record, Santa Rosa needs to prepare for upcoming fire seasons and potential public safety power shutoffs.

Continuing expiring local funding would also keep local parks clean and safe and support recreation programs for all residents as Santa Rosa’s park and recreation usage continues to increase each year.

Measure Q: Santa Rosa Vital City Services Measure

Santa Rosa recently commissioned a survey that found 60% of local residents would support a sales tax renewal measure to continue local funding and protect city services. Accordingly, the Santa Rosa City Council unanimously voted to place Measure Q, a ½ cent local sales tax extension measure, on the November 2020 ballot. Measure Q simply extends existing voter approved sales taxes without changing what we are already paying for local city services. If approved by a majority of voters, Measure Q would extend $18 million in annual locally-controlled funding for 10 years to:

  • Maintain fire protection services to help prevent future fires
  • Keep city parks and playgrounds clean, safe and well-maintained
  • Improve disaster, wildfire and pandemic preparedness and response
  • Repair potholes and maintain city streets
  • Provide mental health programs to help families and youth with crisis response
  • Continue other essential city services

Fiscal Accountability Required

  • Measure Q would continue to give Santa Rosa local control over local funds – no funds could be taken by the State
  • Mandatory financial audits and yearly reports to the community would continue to be required
  • Measure Q would continue to ensure visitors and shoppers from outside of Santa Rosa pay their fair share for local city services
  • Essential purchases like groceries and medicine are exempt from sales tax, helping to ensure Measure Q in not a burden to those on fixed or limited incomes
  • Measure Q extends the current tax rate but does not increase taxes

More Information

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