Santa Rosa Police & COVID-19 Response 

The Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) remains committed to providing high quality service and protecting the health of residents and employees amid this public health emergency.

Reporting a Health Order Violation

Non-emergency violations can be reported during normal business hours in the following ways:

Call: 1 (833) SAFE707 (1-833-723-3707)
Online: SoCo Report It

These lines aren’t monitored 24/7. If you need to report something, for example, a large gathering, over the weekend, please call the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) non-emergency number at 707-528-5222This should only be used when the SAFE707 line is closed, as SRPD's dispatch center is set up to handle emergency and non-emergency law enforcement calls and it’s important to keep these lines open for emergency and other urgent law enforcement service needs within our community.

COVID-19 Testing Updates for Employees of the Santa Rosa Police Department 

As of January 20, 2021, 192 Santa Rosa Police employees have been tested COVID-19 (testing data is updated weekly).

  • Of the 192 employees tested:
    • 177 negative
    • awaiting results
    • 15 positive
      • 14 recovered
      • recovering 
      • 1 death
  • Total employees in quarantine*: 0

*Santa Rosa Police employees are self-isolating due to age, pre-existing medical condition, or travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Santa Rosa Police Service During the Public Health Emergency  

  1. Enforcement of the Health Orders
  2. Serving the Community & COVID-19 Precautions

Enforcement of Health Order Requiring Face Coverings 

When I am outside of my home, do I always have to have a face covering with me?

No. If you are leaving your home and plan to remain outside a public facility (e.g. a grocery store), and you can maintain six feet social/physical distancing, you are not required to wear a face covering. It is recommended, though not required, to keep one with you in case you have a need to enter a public facility where a face covering is required or if you are unable to maintain six feet social/physical distance when outdoors.

If I am exercising in my neighborhood (e.g. running, biking, or walking) and planning on maintaining social distancing, do I have to have a face covering with me? Could I get a citation/warning?

No, you do not need to wear a face covering outdoors when exercising if you maintain six feet of social distance between yourself and others from outside your household. It is recommended that you carry one with you, but not required, in case the need arises (e.g. encountering neighbors, walk into a store, etc.). You will not be given a citation/warning for not wearing a face covering when exercising outdoors if you comply with social distancing requirements outlined in the Health Officer Order.

What happens if I am not wearing a face covering in public space? Will I be given a warning or a citation? And what is the fine associated with a citation?

The issuance of a citation or a warning is discretionary, based on the situation. As it the case with all of the active Health Orders, the goal of the Santa Rosa Police Department is to educate the community about the Orders and gain voluntary compliance. Issuing a citation is typically a last resort, reserved for blatant violation of a Health Order. The fine associated with violating a Health Order, including not wearing a face covering or mask, can be up to $1,000 and up to six-months in County jail.

What if I don’t have a face covering?

You can make your own face covering with household items like bandannas, scarves, towels, or old T-shirts. The Center for Disease Control has helpful tips:

Warnings & Citations for violations of the Sonoma County Health Orders 

What are the criteria for who will be stopped by Santa Rosa Police for violating the Sonoma County Health Officer Orders?

Citizens are stopped when there is a clear and blatant violation of a Health Order (e.g. large groups, not wearing a mask where it is required, etc.). Police will not stop anyone in their vehicles for the sole purpose to check for face coverings.

What training is being provided to officers for enforcing the Sonoma County Health Officer Orders?

Santa Rosa Police Officers are updated regularly about the Sonoma County Health Orders. Information is provided to them throughout the work week via email, training, and briefings.

What if I see someone violating the Health Officer Order? Who can I call?

To report violations of the Health Officer’s Orders, call the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) non-emergency number at (707) 528-5222 or email

To report public health order violations involving construction site compliance, contact the City of Santa Rosa Code Enforcement team at (707) 543-3198 or submit a code enforcement complaint form.