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  1. Getting to Know Maria Cardenas: Chairwoman for Ya-Ka-Ama

    Maria Cardenas is a dedicated, driven and selfless woman. Among many other roles, she serves as Chairwoman on the Board of Directors for Ya-Ka-Ama Indian Education and Development Inc. Ya-Ka-Ama is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded...

  2. Getting to Know Nancy Rogers: Mentor and Activist for Students and Local Businesses

    Nancy Rogers acknowledges and looks back on of those who have come before her and the history of those who have shaped her life and the lives around her. She strives to shape her community in the same way and the generations to come through her...

  3. Evangelist Marteal Perry: Community Builder and Founder of Santa Rosa’s Juneteenth Celebration

    To many, she was known as Mother Perry. Born Evangelist Marteal Perry, she was a dedicated, passionate leader and staple in the community. She focused on teaching the community about the significance of Juneteenth, brought people and groups together...

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