WaterSmart Check-up

WaterSmart Check-up (1)

Due to health concerns, Santa Rosa Water has suspended indoor check-ups until further notice. However all customers may request a free WaterSmart kit by emailing watersmart@srcity.org or calling 707-543-3985. This do-it-yourself WaterSmart Home Survey kit contains:

FREE WaterSmart kit Includes:

  • Instructions on how to use the WaterSmart kit
  • WaterSmart Home Survey form to document your check-up
  • A flow bag for determining the flow rates of your fixtures, such as aerators and shower heads
  • Dye tabs to test your toilets for leaks
  • Literature on how to find and fix leaks as well as other Water Use Efficiency rebates and programs

FREE outdoor, in-person, socially distant Check-ups are still available. During the Check-up we will:

  • Review irrigation system for efficiency
  • Offer recommendations for efficient water equipment
  • Review eligibility for rebates - outdoor landscape rebate amounts have just increased!

Request your free WaterSmart Check-up today!

* Must be a Santa Rosa resident. Homeowner or tenant must be present during the check-up.

WS Checkup Request

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  • Free
  • Offers free aerators and shower heads
  • Open to homeowners AND renters

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