Santa Rosa 2050 - My City, Our Vision

The City of Santa Rosa is beginning a Citywide, multi-year process to update its General Plan. This update, known as Santa Rosa 2050, is a unique opportunity to shape the development of Santa Rosa for the future, and we need your help!

How Can I Get Involved?

An update to the City's General Plan cannot be done without involvement from everyone in the community.  We need your help! 

Community outreach and input will be a key component to the General Plan update process. Once a consultant is selected to help facilitate the update, additional information will be provided on community meetings, workshops, local events and other outreach opportunities.  Please return to this website for the latest information.

Before the update process can even begin, the City needs to understand the scope of what the update will include:  

  • What changes are needed to the existing General Plan?  
  • What is not address that needs to be?  
  • What is the communities vision for the future of Santa Rosa?

Please join us for a Community Conversation to discuss the scope of the Santa Rosa 2050 General Plan Update!  

You are invited in attend any of the following meetings that will be held throughout the City (bilingual Community Conversation flyer):

Please complete the following survey, especially if you cannot attend any of these meetings. Your response will help us know what matters most to you as we plan the future of the City of Santa Rosa.

Take the one question survey!

Email Notifications

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    Senior Planner
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  2. Jessica Jones

    Supervising Planner - Advance Planning
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What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a comprehensive policy document that provides the general framework for all zoning and land use decisions within a community, and provides direction for future circulation for all modes of transportation, including bikes, pedestrians, transit and cars.  

A General Plan establishes a communities long-term vision for the future and containsgoals and policies that shape future housing and job development, foster healthyand resilient neighborhoods, protect and manage natural resources, and promotesocial and economic equity. 

Santa Rosa General Plan 2035

Santa Rosa's existing General Plan 2035 was adopted by the City Council in 2009.  

While the goals and policies of the General Plan guide day-to-day decisions regarding housing and commercial development, infrastructure improvements, and decisions related to public service and facility improvement, it also supports programs that provide neighborhood social services and protect natural resources within the City.  It is also a vital baseline document for environmental review of private and public projects within the City. 

Because of significant changes and events that have occur in the community in recent years, the General Plan needs to be updated.  

Since the General Plan was adopted, the City has experienced low housing production and increased homelessness, the destruction of housing and displacement of residents by the Tubbs fire, the impact of cannabis business activity on industrial and commercial land, and the annexation of the Roseland community into the City, an approximately 714 acre area in southwest Santa Rosa. 

In addition, State Law now requires the City’s General Plan to address infrastructure and service deficiency, and environmental degradation within designated disadvantaged community areas within the City - a portion of the Roseland area is designated a disadvantaged community.  

Finally, a General Plan update will establish a new environmental baseline and mitigation measures that will help facilitate review of future projects according to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 

For more information on the State's requirements, visit the State of California Office of Planning and Research website, which has detailed guidelines for the development of general plans.