General Plan Update

The City is currently forming a Community Advisory Committee (CAC), composed of a diverse cross section of the Santa Rosa community, that will serve as liaisons to ensure broad and deep community engagement in this important project. For more information about the CAC, go to the CAC page:

Help Shape the Future of Santa Rosa!

Santa Rosa is in a time of incredible change. The recent fires, housing crisis, electrical grid blackouts, and calls for social justice and equality provide a backdrop for an immensely important discussion on how the City will grow and change over the coming years and decades. It is now time to discuss how Santa Rosa can become an even more sustainable, resilient, healthy, and inclusive community.

The General Plan Update project will provide an important opportunity for the community to discuss ways to ensure housing for all, improve neighborhood quality and connectivity, foster economic development, improve public health, create more equitable access to community amenities and services, enhance education, and reinforce environmental stewardship. Below you will find information on ways you can be involved in the community discussion, and additional information on project updates and the components that go into a general plan.