Resilient City Permit Center

Helping Our Community Rebuild

The City of Santa Rosa is committed to helping residents recover from the October 2017 wildfires. This unprecedented disaster requires a dedicated response; therefore, the City has created the Resilient City Zoning Areas. Building and home owners within six identified neighborhoods affected by the fires will be directed to the Resilient City Permit Center for assistance expediting the process of design, permitting and review. To help review an estimated 3,000 rebuilding permits over the next few years, the City has contracted with an outside firm to support the workload, ensure rebuilding applications are given priority and allow other review work to continue without added delay.

New Polices to Aid Rebuilding

To get every individual back into their homes and return the community to its health and vibrancy, the City has created new policies, which include:

  • Expediting review process for hillside development and design review
  • Waiving fees for discretionary planning, demolition and temporary housing permits
  • Allowing residents to live in temporary housing units, such as manufactured, tiny homes, and RVs, on their properties while rebuilding
  • Allowing residents to build detached accessory dwelling units to live in while they are rebuilding their main residence and offering incentives for such units