Downtown3D-TrueNorth_1-2MileAbove: 1/2 mile radius around the SMART Station (yellow) and Transit Mall (blue). Image courtesy of Google Earth.

The City has received an $800,000 grant from the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) to update the Downtown Specific Plan to increase height (currently maxes out at 10 stories) and support a higher density downtown, as well as reduce parking and create more robust transportation to help enable foot traffic.

The City has begun streamlining opportunities for certain infill projects, transit-oriented development and projects consistent with the Downtown Specific Plan in order to fulfill the grant.

The current Downtown Specific Plan supports up to 10 stories; however, the tallest building in the downtown core is five stories with most building at three levels or lower. The City is hoping that development through its opportunity zones initiatives can reduce per-door fees for higher rising building and help spur housing development.