Hearn Avenue SMART Multi-Use Crossing

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Hearn SMART Crossing Project Map

The SMART Hearn Multi-Use Crossing is located at Hearn Avenue and the SMART railroad tracks. The project will connect two existing segments of the SMART Multi-Use path (MUP) in southwest Santa Rosa. The proposed signalized street connection will create an enhanced crossing at Hearn Avenue for bicyclists and pedestrians using the multi-use path along the SMART rail corridor. The project will design and install a signalized crosswalk at the SMART MUP intersecting with Hearn Avenue. In addition, the project will include construction of ADA curb ramps on each side of the street, minor modifications to the sidewalk, curb and gutter, and modification of the concrete median in Hearn Avenue to accommodate the pathway, signage and pavement markings.

Project Schedule

Complete Design December 2018
Begin Construction January 2021
Complete Construction April 2021
For more information please contact:
​          Chris Catbagan
​          Associate Civil Engineer
​          City of Santa Rosa
​          ccatbagan@srcity.org
​          707-543-4521