Field Services Division

The Field Services Division is overseen by Captain Rainer "Ray" Navarro. Officers comprise 8 patrol teams which are divided among various beats. Officers are assigned to a beat for 6 months at a time.

The patrol teams are managed by a lieutenant and staffed with sergeants, patrol officers, and field and evidence technicians.

Additional Teams Within Field Services Division

  1. Canine Team

    The Canine Team is comprised of police officers who serve with their canine partners on a full time basis. Canine Teams are trained for and assigned to the Patrol Bureau.

  2. Downtown Enforcement Team

    The Downtown Enforcement Team (DET) consists of 4 officers and 1 sergeant on bicycle patrol and has the primary responsibility of enforcing all laws throughout the downtown area as well as beat 9.

  3. Field & Evidence Technicians

    Police Field and Evidence Technicians play an important role in the Santa Rosa Police Department. Although Police Field and Evidence Technicians are unarmed civilian employees, they perform many of the same duties as Santa Rosa Police Officers.

  4. Honor Guard

    Police Officers and a sergeant volunteer to serve on the Department's Honor Guard and Color Guard as a collateral duty.

  5. Hostage Negotiations Team

    The goal of the Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) is to resolve incidents requiring rapid negotiation intervention without the loss of life and before the situation necessitates a tactical response.

  6. School Resource Team

    The primary role of the School Resource Officer is to provide security for students, staff and property, as well as to enforce violations on and around the campus.

  7. Special Weapons & Tactics Team (SWAT)

    The Santa Rosa Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team was formed to assist the department in better responding to critical incidents that occur in the City.

  8. Traffic Bureau

    The Traffic Bureau consists of three teams: the DUI Enforcement / Accident Investigation Team, the Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement Team, and the Downtown Enforcement Team (DET).

  9. Vehicle Technicians

    The Santa Rosa Police Department currently employs 2 Vehicle Technicians who perform a wide variety of support services for the Field Services Division.