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UPDATED Thursday 10/19/17 7:08 p.m.

Latest Fire Updates


    The City of Santa Rosa is preparing to allow residents of some of the most fire damaged neighborhoods to return and visit their property. We are mindful of how difficult this will be for residents and have been readying information and materials so the return is safe and orderly.
    Three communities, Orchard Park, Journey’s End and Coffey Park will have controlled entry from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 20. On Saturday October 21, the mobile home parks will be released back to the property owners but Coffey Park will remain a controlled entry area. On Sunday October 22, Coffey Park will be open for public access. This controlled entry is designed to allow only residents into their neighborhood, so they have protected time to assess and grieve.


  •  Residents and business owners of affected areas must remain evacuated. Once approval for re-entry is authorized property owners should Upon approval to re-enter your property, please use  caution and proper protective equipment when handling any ash or hazardous materials from their property. Improper handling and disposal can be harmful to property owners, children and the general public. Small scale sifting through ashes to locate any remaining personal items will not impact residents' ability to get financial assistance. However, unauthorized large scale removal of debris and ash should be coordinated with government officials prior to removal.

  • EVACUATION ORDERS LIFTED:  he following mandatory evacuations have been lifted: The Rincon Valley, Sky Hawk and Los Alamos area of Santa Rosa. This includes all evacuated areas north of Highway 12, east of Calistoga Road to Melita Road outside the fire perimeter. Calistoga Road at Harville Road remains closed. An online, up-to-date evacuation map for Sonoma County is now available. CalFire has also lifted evacuation orders for Annadel Heights, Oakmont and a Mendocino Ave Medical Complex. Please use caution when driving. Go to https://tinyurl.com/centrallnuevacs and enter your address for live results.
  • EVACUATION UPDATES: Updates on evacuation orders can be viewed in the Santa Rosa Nixle thread online. Sign up for Nixle alerts by texting your ZIP CODE to 888777 or sign up online.

​Evacuation Orders

A mandatory evacuation order means that you need to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Absolutely NO entry into evacuated areas is allowed until the evacuation order has been lifted. 

A curfew is imposed for the Mandatory Evacuation Areas. No one may be on streets or any other public place between 6:45 p.m. and 7:15 a.m. A violation is punishable as a misdemeanor. View evacuation map (PDF).

Time permitting, turn off your gas and water. How to turn off your gas (PG&E)

Evacuation Map

The evacuation map indicates areas of the City that remain under mandatory evacuation orders.
Yellow = Outside of Mandatory Evacuation Area
Red = Mandatory Evacuation Area (City of Santa Rosa)

Link to County of Sonoma website for evacuations outside of the city limits
Returning to your Property
We understand you are anxious to return to your neighborhood, but for your safety and the protection of your home and personal property, entry is not allowed until mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. We are working to make this happen as soon as it is safe.

Public safety cannot provide escorts into the evacuated areas. All of our resources are committed to actively fighting the fire. Please cooperate with first responders. We are relying on you to follow these instructions to ensure your safety and the safety of our first responders.

Notices of lifted mandatory evacuations and allowable re-entry will be sent out via Nixle alerts. Sign up for Nixle alerts by texting your ZIP CODE to 888777 or sign up online Recent Nixle alerts can be viewed
To prepare for re-entry and returning home:
  • Make sure you have ID. If you do not, visit the Local Assistance Center
  • Precautions to Take Upon Returning Home 
  • Protecting Public Health From Home and Building Ash
  • Local Assistance Center

    The Local Assistance Center is a one-stop-shop with critical government services for residents who have been impacted by the fires. Replace lost or destroyed vital documents (ID, financial information, etc.) and get connected with financial support services such as insurance information and apply for FEMA aid. Disaster assistance is available to all members of our community. You will not be asked to show proof of legal citizenship to receive assistance.

    Open 9 am. Last entry at 6pm. (7 days a week)
    Press Democrat Building
    427 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa

    Parking is free off of B St. in the City lot. The LAC is just three blocks from the Downtown Transit Mall. Starting 10/16/17 CityBus will offer free direct service from the Finley Center, the Fairgrounds/Veterans building, and Elsie Allen High School evacuation centers. Bus schedules will be posted at the shelters.

    The site is wheelchair accessible and Spanish translators and a children’s play area will be available.

    Speed up the FEMA Process. Register before you go in person to the LAC online at DisasterAsssistance.gov or over the phone at 800.621.FEMA (3362). TTY: 800.462.7585

    Have available information ready:
    • Social Security number(s)
    • Address of the damaged home or apartment
    • Description of the damage
    • Information about insurance coverage
    • Telephone number
    • Mailing address
    • Bank account & routing numbers for direct deposits of funds

    Status of Property Damage, Utilities and Public Services

    1. Aerial Property Damage Map
    2. School Closures
    3. Water and Sewer
    4. Power and Gas
    5. Garbage Service
    6. Internet and Cell Service
    7. Non-Emergency City Services
    8. Hospitals, Prescriptions & Medication
    9. Air Quality
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    Link to full screen map

    Missing Person

    Report or search for a missing person Red Cross Safe and Well website
    Call 707.565.3856
    Report yourself as safe
    "Check in" on Facebook

    ​Stay Informed and Connect with Us

    For life-threatening emergencies dial 9-1-1

    24/7 Call Center

    Our call center is open 24/7 the number is (707) 543-4511. You can call us anytime and talk with someone directly in English or Spanish. For TDD, call (707) 543-4536; or you may use the 711 Relay Service

    Sign up for Emergency Alerts

    Nixle is the City's Emergency alert system. Get text alerts by texting your ZIP CODE to 888777 or sign up online.

    Sign up for Emergency Alerts via Email at: https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/CASANTA/subscriber/new?topic_id=CASANTA_1

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