Southeast Greenway

The Southeast Greenway is a 57 acre area of undeveloped land, which was previously intended to be an extension of Highway 12.  The property, which is currently owned by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), follows a 1.9-mile linear path from Farmers Lane/Highway 12 to Spring Lake Regional Park (see aerial map below).

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Southeast Greenway Aerial

Project Description

The Southeast Greenway Community Partnership, including the City ofSanta Rosa, Sonoma County Water Agency, Sonoma County Regional Parks, SonomaLand Trust, LandPaths, and the Southeast Greenway Campaign, have come togetherto plan for the acquisition of the 57 acres illustrated above.  

The City Council initiated a General PlanAmendment and Rezoning in fall 2015 to designate land uses for the site, which, because it was intended for a future highway extension, currently does not have a General Plan land use designation or zoning district.  As part of the planning process, twocommunity workshops were held, one in August 2016 and one in October 2016, to understand residents’ land use preferences forthe site.  

The Planning Commission andCity Council held a joint study session on November 1, 2016 to considerinformation from the workshops, along with draft guiding principles and three landuse and circulation alternatives.  From the feedback provided at that session, along with input from the community workshops, community survey, and Technical Advisory and Partnership Committees, a Preferred Alternative was been developed (illustrated below, or click the link to view a separate PDF document).  


Southeast Greenway Project Information and Project Documents

To view all project documents (including the Existing Conditions, Opportunities and Constraints Report and Community Workshop Summaries) and to learn out to get involved, please visit the Southeast Greenway Campaign's project website at

Draft EIR

On August 21, 2017 the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was released for public review.  The Draft EIR analyzes the potential impacts of the proposed project, which includes proposed General Plan land use designations for the 57 acres, as well as implementing zoning districts, and proposed text amendments to the General Plan and Zoning Code that would support the community vision.  

The Draft EIR is available for public review for a 45-day period, which begins on August 21, 2017 and ends on October 4, 2017.  Electronic copies of Draft EIR can be found by clicking on the links below, or on the links provided on the project website (  Hard copies of the Draft EIR available for review at the following locations:

  • Two locations at Santa Rosa City Hall (100 Santa Rosa Avenue):
    • Planning and Economic Development Department (Room 3); and
    • The City Manager's Office (Room 10)
  • The Central Sonoma County Library (211 E Street, Santa Rosa)

Comments on the Draft EIR are due no later than theclose of the 45-day public review period at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 4,2017.  Written comments should be submitted to the Planning and EconomicDevelopment Department (100 Santa Rosa Avenue Room 3, Santa Rosa, CA 95404) oremailed to Jessica Jones at jjones@srcity.orgwith “Southeast Greenway EIR” as the subject.   

See also the Notice of Availability for additional information.

Below are links to the Draft EIR (which can also be found at

Southeast Greenway Draft EIR (full document)

Southeast Greenway Draft EIR Individual Sections:

Draft EIR Appendices

Public Hearing

The Draft EIR, along with the proposed General Plan and Zoning Code amendments and Rezoning, will be the subject of a public hearing at the Planning Commission meeting on September 14, 2017, at or after 4:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue.  The purpose of the public hearing will be to receive comments on the adequacy of the Draft EIR, as well as comments on the proposed amendments and Rezoning.

See the Public Hearing Notice for the details of the September 14, 2017 meeting.

It is anticipated that the City Council Will receive recommendations on the Draft EIR and proposed amendments and Rezoning in January or February 2018.

Project Timeline

The Below is a graphic that illustrates the anticipated project timeline.

Southeast Greenway Schedule

Contact Information

Jessica Jones, Supervising Planner
​Planning and Economic Development Department
​Phone: (707) 543-3410