Elnoka Continuing Care Retirement Community

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About the Project

The Elnoka Continuing Care Retirement Community (“CCRC”) project would develop approximately 68 acres located in the southeast quadrant of Santa Rosa. This project includes 664 senior care units and 12 affordable employee housing units, in 92 separate buildings varying in height from one to three stories. The project also includes landscaping and a variety of amenities. Parking would be provided in underground garages in most of the larger buildings, together with covered and uncovered surface parking spaces. Access to the site would be provided in two locations. The primary entrance will be from a signalized intersection on Hwy 12. A secondary entrance will be provided from Melita Road. Both access points will be gated, and the proposed streets within the project will be private.

The site is bordered on the northeast by State Highway 12, on the southwest by Channel Drive and Trione Annadel State Park, on the northwest by residential lots and Melita Road, and on the southeast by the active adult community of Oakmont. There is a moderately sloped ridgeline running east to west through the center of the site surrounded by more gentle terrain. The southern portion of the site is drained by Oakmont Creek, while the northern portion of the site is drained by Melita Creek. 

The Elnoka CCRC project must obtain City approval for each of the following land use planning permits:  a Conditional Use Permit is required to amend the PD 91-003 Planned Development zoning district; a Hillside Development Permit must be approved to allow ridgeline development; and a Major Design Review must be granted for the construction of new buildings and site improvements on the site.  The project is also subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and will undergo environmental review concurrent with the City’s planning permit review.  

Listed below is a brief description and links to more information about each permit and the CEQA environmental review. 

Planned Development Policy Amendment

In the mid 1990’s, this same site was reviewed and approved for a senior project under the name of the Santa Rosa LifeCare Community. A Planned Development (PD) zoning district was adopted for that project on the current site. The PD zoning district contains a Policy Statement and a Development Concept Plan that are tailored to the project to ensure its development will meet or exceed the goals of the General Plan in relation to housing types and density, site improvements and amenities, land use compatibility, and environmental protection.

The Elnoka project requires an amendment to the current PD zoning district. The proposed amendment would revise the PD Policy Statement and Conceptual Development Plan to reflect the proposed building design, configuration, location, and site improvements as well as demonstrate that the project will be in substantial conformance of the goals of the General Plan.

Hillside Development Review

The Elnoka CCRC project is subject to a Hillside Development Permit because it would develop the designated scenic ridgeline located on the site.  This permit allows the City to review the project to ensure new development will protect visual resources and avoid environmental impacts, particularly in areas with designated ridgelines and significant slopes. 

Project Design Review

The City’s Design Review ensures that new development is integrated with the surrounding neighborhood and environment, utilizing criteria established in the City’s Design Guidelines. Projects are reviewed for site planning, circulation, architectural design, quality and type of materials, colors, and landscaping. Through this process, the City promotes superior design and thoughtful relationships between the natural and built environment, architecture and landscaping, placemaking/livability, and sustainability.

Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The project is subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The City has prepared a draft environmental impact report (EIR) to fully analyze the project’s impacts on the environment. 


  • Setting/Context (Vicinity Map, Neighborhood Context)
  • Title Sheet (w/ details of project
Project Notices

Project notices will be mailed to residents and property owners within 1,000 feet of the project site. If you wish to be added to the notification list please contact the Senior Planner. 
  1. Kristinae Toomians

    Senior Planner
    Phone: 707-543-4692