CityBus Detours

Santa Rosa is hosting the IronMan triathlon race on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

  All passengers ride for FREE on CityBus the day of the race.  Expect delays on all routes.  Check our Twitter feed for updates @SRCityBus.

Click the map below to see bus route detours.

Map of bus system route detours on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Click the image below to see the bus schedule.

CityBus Routes Schedule

Detours for each individual bus route.  Expect delays on all routes operating on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Route 1:  No service on B Street or Mendocino Avenue at Cherry Street.  Normal routing north of College Avenue.  Detour uses College Avenue/ E Street / Sonoma Avenue.

Route 2B:  No service from Transit Mall to Sebastopol Road / Dutton Avenue.   Detouring bus will use E Street south to Maple Avenue, then Hwy 12 west to Dutton Avenue exit. Left on Dutton Avenue, right on Sebastopol Road to regular route.  Inbound buses will travel this same detour but in reverse.

Route 3:  No service on northbound Santa Rosa Avenue past Target/Costco Shopping Center.  Northbound stops from Colgan Avenue north will not be serviced. All southbound stops will be serviced.

Route 4:  No detours.

Route 5:  No service on Petaluma Hill Road south of Kawana Springs Road.  Buses will turn right at Kawana Springs Road to serve a temporary stop near Target/Costco Shopping Center.  No service on Petaluma Hill Road going north bound at all.  Bus will serve the main stop on Santa Rosa Avenue closest to Costco.

Route 6:  No service on eastbound Third Street between Stony Point Road and the Transit Mall.  Inbound Route 6 will turn right on Stony Point Road, left on Hwy 12 to E Street and then back to Transit Mall.

Route 8:  No service on Third Street.  The inbound stop on E Street near the Central Library branch will be skipped.

Route 9:  No service on Third Street or Dutton Avenue.  Outbound detour from Transit Mall is Sonoma Ave / left on E Street / left on College Avenue / left on Dutton Avenue / right on West Ninth Street to regular route.  Inbound detour from West College Avenue at Dutton Avenue, straight on West College Avenue/ right on E Street / right on Sonoma Avenue back to Transit Mall.

Route 10:  No service between the Transit Mall and College Avenue.  Normal routing from College Avenue and Cleveland Avenu going north.  Inbound detour from Cleveland Avenue / left on College Avenue/ right on E Street / right on Sonoma Avenue back to Transit Mall.

Route 12:  No service between Transit Mall and Sebastopol Road at Dutton Avenue.  No service on Earle Street or Boyd Street.  Detour from the Transit Mall is Sonoma Avenue / right on E Street / right on Maple Avenue to Hwy 12 West / Dutton Avenue exit / left on Dutton Avenue/ left on Barham Avenue/ right on Corby Avenue to regular route.  Inbound Route 12 turns left on Dutton Avenue/ right on Hwy 12 East / E Street exit back to Transit Mall.

Route 15:  Northbound stops between Stony Point Road and Westside Transfer Center will not be serviced.  Normal route, but bisected at West Third Street at Brittain Lane.  Route 15 leaves Coddingtown Transit Hub on normal route.  At West Third Street, bus turns right and stops at intersection of West Third Street and Brittain Lane.  Another bus will be across the street. Passengers will cross to waiting bus to finish southern portion of Route 15.  Going north, the southern Route 15 will turn left on Occidental Road / right on Brittain Lane.  At Brittain Lane and West Third Street, passengers will cross street to the waiting other bus to finish north part of route.  The northern bus will travel west on West Third Street/ right on Fulton Road / right on West College Avenue to Westside Transfer Center then resume normal route to Coddingtown Transit Hub.

Route 18:  No service to Maple Avenue, west of E Street, no service to Bennett Valley Senior Center or Bennett Valley Road at Temple Avenue.  From Transit Mall, straight on E Street to Bennett Valley Road, turn left, resume regular route.