City Council Mission, Vision, Values, Goals & Priorities


To provide high-quality public services and cultivate a vibrant, resilient and livable City



Santa Rosa - Leading the North Bay


• Excellence               • Integrity
• Innovation                • Inclusiveness
• Teamwork                • Transparency





v  Ensure financial stability of City government.

Santa Rosa sustains a strong, diversified economic base that continually renews itself, and has a structurally balanced budget with sufficient reserves in all funds to weather economic shifts for long term sustainability of City services.

v  Effectively implement the recovery and rebuilding of Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa emerges as an even stronger, more vibrant, resilient and livable community prepared to achieve its vision of leading the North Bay.


v  Meet housing needs.

Santa Rosa actively supports housing for all, through protection, preservation and production of housing.

v  Attain functional zero homelessness.

Santa Rosa supports effective strategies that house homeless individuals.

v  Invest in and sustain infrastructure and transportation.

Santa Rosa regularly invests in its transportation, roads, technology and overall infrastructure to protect and sustain its assets and keep pace with community needs.

v  Provide for community safety, valued City services and open government.

Santa Rosa is a safe and healthy place and has the right mix of services supported by effective internal services operating within open government practices.


v  Foster neighborhood partnerships and strengthen cultural assets.

Santa Rosa promotes thriving neighborhoods in preserving its heritage and vibrancy of the community.


v  Promote environmental sustainability.

Santa Rosa protects and improves the environment through its policies and actions.


v  Foster a 21st century city and organization.

Santa Rosa leads the North Bay by supporting innovation in service delivery, engaging its employees and striving for high employee morale.

v  Foster a strong downtown and overall economic development of the community.

In Santa Rosa, a successful downtown is a community wide economic development engine and cultural center where people live and work.

Near Term (Six Month) Priorities:

  1. FEMA Project sheet (for reimbursement)
  2. California Voting Rights Act (CVRA)/District elections
  3. Rebuild/build downtown and fire areas
  4. Budget process for FY 2018-19
  5. Review revenue options
  6. Purchasing process policy review
  7. Homelessness

Tier 1: Council’s Top Priorities: 

1.1 Recovery/rebuilding
1.2 Comprehensive housing strategy
1.3 Open Government Task Force recommendations
1.4 Downtown housing
1.5 Homelessness

Tier 2: Projects Underway as Resources Permit:

2.1. Replenish reserves
2.2 Conduct emergency preparedness
2.3 Focus on employee morale and well-being
2.4 Plan and implement the Southeast Greenway
2.5 Create plan to address deferred maintenance throughout the community
2.6 Implement the Climate Action Plan
2.7 Explore feasibility of a public bank
2.8 Explore options for funding Roseland Library