Visitor Eligibility

The federal government requires paratransit providers around the country to honor paratransit eligibility for visitors. Before traveling to a new area, contact the areas provider and Santa Rosa Paratransit to ensure paratransit services are available to you in the new areas.

Paratransit service is available to anyone visiting the City of Santa Rosa. Eligibility will require identification showing that the individual resides outside of the Bay Area and documentation of paratransit service eligibility from the fixed route transit system providing service to the area in which you principally reside. Santa Rosa will give full faith and credit in honoring the identification card or eligibility documentation from another entity. If the visitor cannot present documentation from their home entity, but the visitors has an apparent disability, Santa Rosa Paratransit will provide the visitor temporary eligibly to ride Santa Rosa Paratransit. A visitor without an apparent disability (e.g. cardiac or cognitive conditions) will be asked for documentation of disability, such as a letter from a medical professional or eligibility for other services based on a determination of disability. Once this basic documentation is provided, services will be available based on the individual’s statement that he or she is unable to use the fixed route transit system. Once a visitor has presented satisfactory documentation as described above, the visitor will be eligible for twenty-one (21) days of service within a 365-day period.