Eligibility for Santa Rosa Paratransit

There are specific eligibility requirements to use Santa Rosa’s ADA Paratransit service. Call the City of Santa Rosa’s evaluation contractor, C.A.R.E Evaluators, an independent assessment organization, to schedule an in-person paratransit eligibility interview. Santa Rosa Paratransit will provide a no-cost ride to and from the in-person interview. Information you provide from your health care provider will be considered, but is not required. At your interview, you will be asked to assess your ability to use Santa Rosa CityBus fixed route service, then a functional assessment will be conducted.

A functional assessment is used to determine your physical ability and (or) cognitive ability to use Santa Rosa CityBus fixed route service and under what conditions you would be eligible to use Paratransit services. To be eligible for ADA paratransit, an individual must not be able to use or have limited ability to use regular fixed route public transit because of a physical or cognitive impairment. Eligibility is determined through an in-person interview and functional assessment. The assessment may include: a transit walk to assess negotiating a curb, a curb cut, street crossing and ability to follow simple directions. The assessment evaluates balance, strength, coordination, and range of motion to determine eligibility.

Your eligibility to use Santa Rosa Paratransit service is based on the information you provide; at the time of your interview and if necessary, during your functional assessment. Variables in the environment and their effect on your ability to use Santa Rosa CityBus will be considered. Optional, you may provide a list of medications and (or) doctors note from your treating physician who is familiar with your disability or functional ability. Your eligibility to use Santa Rosa Paratransit may be conditional, which means that you may be eligible to use the service only under specific conditions and/or for a limited time frame.

A written notice must be sent to you within 21 days of your interview concerning your eligibility. If you have not received a letter within this time frame, please call the City of Santa Rosa Transit office.