In 2004, voters in Santa Rosa passed Measure O, a quarter-cent Transaction and Use Tax that funds specific Police, Fire and Gang Prevention Intervention Programs for 20 years. It is estimated that the annual revenue generated by this tax will be $7 million, with allocations of 40% to police, 40% to Fire, and 20% to Gang Prevention and Intervention Services.

The 20% allocation of the tax revenue enables the City's Recreation & Parks Department to provide leadership, coordination and resources to the continuum of youth and family services that work together toward the prevention and reduction of gangs and gang violence in the City of Santa Rosa. Each year a portion of this allocation, 35%, will fund in-school violence prevention and conflict resolution education, as well as grants to local non-profits providing related services that will enhance youth asset development and reduce risk factors. In essence, the Santa Rosa community made a CHOICE to work together to reduce the number of gang related violent crimes and the level of gang membership in the City of Santa Rosa. They made a CHOICE to provide opportunities that assist young people in making healthy lifestyle decisions and developing competencies that build personal and social developmental assets. They made a CHOICE to contribute towards the creation and maintenance of safer schools and neighborhoods. (CHOICE - Community Helping Our Indispensable Children Excel)

Measure O Reports - Visit the link provided to access historical reports describing the use of Measure O funding by fiscal year

Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Neighborhood Services - Visit the link provided to view the many programs funded by Measure O that are offered through Recreation & Parks