Community Helping Our Indispensable Children Excel (CHOICE) Grants


In 2004, voters in Santa Rosa passed Measure O, a quarter-cent Transaction and Use Tax to provide critical funding for gang prevention programming.  Beginning in 2006, the Measure O CHOICE Grant Program has provided a variety of youth and parenting programs which focus on gang and anti-violence education, prevention and intervention, community safety, and a comprehensive array of social services in high need neighborhoods.  

CHOICE Cycle VIII Year Two Final Report (English)
CHOICE Cycle VIII Year Two Final Report (Spanish)

CHOICE Cycle IX January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019

City of Santa Rosa
Community Helping Our Indispensable Children Excel
(CHOICE) Grant Program Cycle IX Year One
January 1, 2018 ‐ December 31, 2018


Program Name

Description of Program

Boys & Girls Club

of Central Sonoma County

Jennifer Weiss


The Club at Juvenile Hall and REACH


These programs aim to mitigate the risky behavior of high risk youth through outreach, mediation, and intervention, along with life skills education and cognitive development programs to change the lives of youth.

California Youth Outreach

Christina Yee

Gang Mediation and Intervention Services


Provides city-wide outreach to gang-involved youth to intervene and provide assistance to leave the gang lifestyle and make direct referrals to appropriate services.  Outreach efforts include coordination with local law enforcement and probation.

Child Parent Institute

Robin Bowen

Family Focused Prevention & Intervention


Utilizes the Triple Program, in partnership with the Roseland School District, to provide parent education and support to high-risk families, including community-based classes and in-home visits.

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County

Susan Cooper

Roseland Strong Initiative


Continuum of integrated, place-based programs providing services in southwest Santa Rosa focusing on youth and family success, including building strong relationships with residents and connecting them to partners and the larger community.

Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County (4Cs)

Melanie Dodson


Early Education Outreach Specialist


Position will conduct targeted, culturally competent outreach to families where they live with the goal of fully enrolling 4Cs preschools and child care subsidy programs.


Craig Anderson


Bayer Farm Programs


Located in the Roseland area, the 2-acre farm and park provides opportunities for youth and families to learn about and grow native plant gardens, leadership development, and social, recreational, cultural, and community activities.

LifeWorks of Sonoma County

Lena Alhusseini

El Puente

(The Bridge)


Offers bilingual school programs, family counseling, and parent education for at-risk and gang-affiliated youth to help youth develop self-esteem by teaching personal and interpersonal skills and cultivating their sense of family, school, and community that will help them discover their own value.

Social Advocates for Youth

Katrina Thurman


SAY Career and Life Readiness


Prevention and intervention workforce development services focusing on resolving present barrier(s) while utilizing a strength-based and trauma-informed approach in supporting the youth’s achievement for employment and educational goals.

The Salvation Army

Richard and Maria Lopez


Double Punches

Boxing Club


Outreach to youth at-risk to intervene in the cycle of gang recruitment with focused, pro-social activities and discipline-enhancing fitness development through the medium of boxing.


Archival CHOICE Grants

                                                                Positive Youth Justice 


The City of Santa Rosa provides mini grant opportunities for schools and non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations with one-time, unanticipated capacity building needs of providing youth and gang violence prevention and intervention services in our community. 

Measure O CHOICE Mini-Grants are awarded on a first-come first-served basis until all available funds are expended and can only be used towards future programs (not retroactively). Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. It is recommended to apply as early as possible. To apply for a Mini-Grant of up to $5,000, please click the link below.

CHOICE Mini-Grant Funding Request Form (PDF)

CHOICE Mini-Grant Funding Request Form (Fillable PDF)
       Requests Received By:                               Determination Communicated By:
                  March 31                                                              June 30
                   June 30                                                           September 30
              September 30                                                      December 31
               December 31                                                          March 31

For example, if your Program/Project begins in April, an agency needs to submit the CHOICE Mini-Grant Application by December 31.  

FY 16-17 Choice Mini-Grant Awards






Presbyterian Church of the Roses


Funding to support the Montgomery High School breakfast program.


Latino Service Providers


Funding to support the Student of the Quarter program and Youth Art and Writing Showcase.


Teen Health Advocacy Coalition


Funding for food and keynote speaker fees for the Teen Health Advocacy Coalition Conference focusing on mental health needs and resources for teens.


Forget Me Not Children’s Services


Funding for technology upgrades for youth participating in the program.


Latinos Unidos del Condado Sonoma


Scholarship funding for Latino youth to participate in the soccer program.


Community Child Care Council (4Cs)


Funding for activities and marketing and outreach materials for the Parent Café program.


Community Action Partnership – Youth Connections


Funding for shirts and marketing and outreach materials for the Youth Connections program.


Sonoma State University


Funding for food and shirt costs for participants attending the Latino Family Summit which serves youth and parents in Santa Rosa.


Black Oaks Soccer Club


Funding for soccer goal posts for Jennings and Jacobs Parks.


Community Action Partnership – Community Building Initiative


Funding for parent dinner with local experts and parents of the Roseland neighborhood; and Health Fair for students at Roseland University Prep.


Child Parent Institute


Funding for speaker fees for “Engaging Fathers” training for service providers.


LIME Foundation


Funding for workbooks and solar units for workforce development program for high school students.


Pivot Charter School


Funding for chromebooks for higher risk high school students in independent, alternative education program.


Roseland Elementary School


Funding for staff training and recess equipment as identified by students.


Steele Lane Elementary School


Funding for iPads and cases for teacher-led education projects and lessons for students.





FY 2016-17 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2014-15 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2014-13 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards
FY 2013-12 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2012-11 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2011-10 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards 

FY 2010-9 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2009-8 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2008-07 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2007-06 CHOICE Mini-Grant Awards

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