Policy and Operational Teams



The Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership is organized into two teams, the Policy Team, and the Operational Team.

The Policy Team provides leadership and direction by setting policies and monitoring the effectiveness of the effort. The Policy Team is chaired by the Mayor's appointee.  Currently, councilmember Tom Schwedhelm chairs the Policy Team. Members of the Team are appointed by the chair on the Policy Team to ensure it includes policymakers from a variety of stakeholder organizations including law enforcement, probation, the District Attorney’s Office, education, non-profit organizations, community groups, the business community, the faith community, and parents.
Quote from Oscar Chavez, Assistant Director of Sonoma County Human Services


The Operational Team reports to the Policy Team and carries out their activities and strategies under the Policy Team’s direction.  Members are appointed by members of the Policy Team as a representative of their organization who is able to bring the knowledge, expertise and resources to share with the Team.  In addition to the members appointed by the Policy Team, agencies qualified to provide services under the City’s Measure O CHOICE Grant Funding Program are required to participate on the Operation Team as a part of their service agreement.

The Operational Team meets monthly where law enforcement and others who work with gang involved youth brief members on the recent gang activity in the community.  Action plans are developed to address the specific issues including the identification of the Team members who will be responsible for the implementation of the action plan.  Action plans may include other community resources if necessary.  At the monthly meetings Team members also issue reports on previously assigned action plans. 

 The Operational Team's responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and evaluating gang trends in the community 
  • Coordinating a strategic response plan to specific gang activity identified  by the Team
  • Implementing the The Partnership Strategic Plan set out by the Policy Team
Because of the confidential subject matter discussed, Operational Team meetings are closed to the public under the authority of the California Welfare and Institutions Code.