Masters Swim at Ridgway

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Man Swimming
Santa Rosa Masters is a coach-guided aquatic training program for beginner, intermediate and advanced adult swimmers. Correction and development of strokes and techniques provided by an on-deck coach. Availability of lanes will vary. Beginners welcome!

Please note: Masters Swim is offered at Ridgway Swim Center only.

Masters Swim (Reservations)

With our Masters Swim (reservation required) class, we are taking every safety precaution to provide a sanitary and socially distant compliant experience for you. Reserving your class ahead of time allows us to ensure that you have a specific spot where you will be able to maintain an 8-foot distance from other swimmers. Registration for the following day closes at 4pm each weekday and weekend reservations must be made by 4pm on the preceding Friday.


Click here to make a reservation.

Please Note

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before your reservation time. Upon arrival, please line up along the side gate, making sure to maintain proper social distance from others in line.

  • A face mask is required to enter the facility.

  • Access to our lobby and locker rooms will be prohibited. Please arrive dressed in proper swim attire.

  • For a full list of FAQs, click here.


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